Things To Take Care While Applying For Personal Loan

When you encounter a sudden financial crunch the personal loans or unsecured loans will come in handy...


Maybe an unexpected medical emergency occurs and the health insurance is not covering the entire expenses, you can opt for a personal loan. These are the financial burdens which cannot wait and has to be cleared off immediately. It is quite helpful if you are able to do a quick little research before applying for the loan.

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More information about personal loans

Personal loans are the loans which have a fixed-rate of interest to be paid as an installment along with the principal amount and it usually does not require any collateral to be submitted.  All the details about the unsecured personal loans can be viewed here.

The loan will have to be paid in fixed monthly installments and at the end date, the amount will be fully paid off. The interest rates of the loan will vary from lender to lender.  Most commonly used reasons for taking up a personal loan is to pay off expenses like a wedding, medical expenses, home renovation and so on.

Getting the personal loans

Step-1- Calculate the costs- While you are figuring out about getting the personal loan, it is quite important to know whether you will be able to pay off the loan in time. In order to figure out that, you need to have an exact idea about your spending in a month. For instance, how much is your utility bills, the grocery bills, all the other installments you are paying back for the loan taken earlier and so on.

Step 2- Check the credit score- When you take up a loan, you need to ensure that you will able to pay back the monthly installments easily without adding any pressure on you or making any default in payment.  It is critical to have a good credit history as it will help you in the future to apply for a loan. Take some time out and check the credit score.

Step-3- Look around for best rates- Just like all other important investments, it is best if you consider all the options available to you for personal loans.  One should look for the best rates offered for the loan.  There might be instances wherein few lenders will be offering low rates as compared to others for the same amount requested.  There are many websites available online where you could easily compare the different loans and their rates.

Step-4-Compare the options- You need to do a complete research of all the options available for you to meet the expenses before applying for the loan.  You need to ensure that the taking a personal loan is the best option you have to meet the expense.  Or else, later on, you will regret the decision and it would become a burden for you. Be completely sure about it and then go ahead with the application of loan.

Step-5- Choose the lender and apply for the loan-  Once you are have checked all the options available and is comfortable with the available rates,  you can approach the lender to apply for the loan. The approval and disbursement of the loan will depend on the lender you have chosen. Few of the lenders offer the online facility wherein you can directly apply for the loan through an online site and you don't have to visit any branch for the same. It would be quite convenient and easy for you.

Step-6- Double check the fine print and also the terms and conditions- You need to carefully go through the personal loan particulars. You need to get an answer to the following questions;

  • Are there any hidden costs, like processing fees or registration fees which you have to factor in?
  • Is there any possible way to lower the interest rates?
  • Will they charge any penalty if you foreclose the loan earlier before the maturity date?

You have to spend some time going through the loan policy before you give the consent to go ahead with the loan disbursement.

Step-7- Secure the final approval- As you have already chosen the lender and gone through the terms and conditions, it is time for you to request for the final approval.  The lender will ask you to submit following documents that are mandatory for applying for the loan like ID proof, address proof, age proof, income proof, etc.

The lender will go through all the information you have given. They will do a credit check and will analyze all the things that will influence your credit score.  Once all the criteria's are met, you will be offered the loan and the amount.   You need to ensure that you make the timely payment of the monthly installments.  The amount to be paid every month will get debited from your bank account on a particular date.